Collection Abuse

Economic insecurity is an overwhelming fear, and at times tormenting, for you and your loved ones. Perhaps you lost your job, you are going through a divorce, or have unexpected medical bills, because you or a love one has become ill. Harassing calls from debt collectors and their threats to take legal action against you further add to this stress.

You may have a case against these debt collectors if you have experienced any of the following  Common Debt Collection abuses:

  1. Calling over and over again and at all different times of the day;
  2. Threatening you with legal action;
  3. Calling you at work after you advised them that you are not allowed to receive these phone calls at work;
  4. Contacting you after you have sent written notification that you do want to be called anymore;
  5. File any legal action and/or taking a judgment without properly serving you;
  6. Contacting friends or family about your debt;
  7. Calling you before 8:00 AM and after 9:00 PM;
  8. The debt collector does not disclose who they are and that they are actually calling regarding a debt;
  9. Messages left on a public answering machine;
  10. Attempt or threaten to collect a debt that is too old to enforce under state law;
  11. Claiming they are with a public agency when in fact they are not;
  12. Claim to be an attorney when in fact the debt collector is not;
  13. Threatens violence or harm;
  14. Making threats to report you of having committed a crime;
  15. Using profane, abusive or vulgar language;
  16. Misrepresent the character, amount or legal status of a debt;
  17. Threaten to take any action that cannot be taken legally, such as having you arrested;
  18. Threaten to communicate false credit information;
  19. Demand your social security number, credit or debit card, or bank account information;
  20. Fail to send you written details about the debt within five (5) days of the first call placed to you;
  21. Make any false promise to improve your credit score.

Our attorneys will protect your rights, and protect you from this abuse. Do not be intimated and do not let yourself be subjected to this type of conduct any longer. You have RIGHTS- Call me to learn them and to discuss them with you. In fact, you may be able to commence a lawsuit against them if they violated the law. Just because you have a problem paying your bills does not mean that you should be subject to harassment and relentless intimidation.

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