If you are experiencing financial hardships, and are struggling to pay your portion of child support, seeking a downward modification may provide a solution to help alleviate this financial stress.

A party seeking modification of a support must establish a substantial change in circumstances warranting the modification, for example, loss of employment. When determining whether a change in circumstances warranting a modification has occurred, courts must consider several factors, including a loss of income or assets by a parent or a substantial improvement in the financial condition of a parent, and the current and prior lifestyles of the children. Child support is not a one-sided obligation placed upon a single parent, but rather an evaluation of the means and responsibilities of both parents and the needs and best interest of the child. Our experienced attorneys understand the multiple perspectives of these cases and can offer you superior legal counsel to best represent your situation to The Court.

If your financial circumstances have changed, and you want to pursue a modification to better represent your current financial situation, come in for a free consultation to explore your legal options.


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