No-Fault (PIP) Insurance

Through our proven, time-effective approach, The Law Office of Gregory A. Goodman, P.C.  has helped our clients recover millions of dollars from Insurance Carriers. From successfully representing medical providers and healthcare facilities for over 13 years, our unique approach ensures that you are compensated as quick as possible, guaranteed by  The Goodman Advantage.

The Goodman Advantage: Working aggressively for your fast compensation.

  • A Thorough Review and Legal Analysis of Each Claim: Our firm methodically reviews each claim on a case by case basis to determine which forum and course of action would bring about the best results for your facility. Unlike other law firms that systematically place all No-Fault claims into litigation, we utilize all forums and methods so you get paid quickly.
  • We Attempt To Settle Your Cases Before Litigation: Based on our legal analysis, with Client’s authorization, we will attempt to settle each claim before ever placing the claim into Litigation or Arbitration.
  • Arbitrate Medical Necessity Cases: Arbitration is currently a very practical forum to prosecute unpaid claims that have been denied on the basis of lack of medical necessity, provided you have experience legal representation, your case is well-organized for presentation and you have strong documentation to support the medical necessity of the services you rendered. With a well-crafted legal strategy, we will utilize this forum to your advantage. The following are some of the advantages we will provide you with this strategic approach.
  • Resolve your claim within a matter of months: Once we make the determination that a claim was denied on the basis of lack of medical necessity, we would immediately place your claim into arbitration. The American Arbitration Association (“AAA”) represents that we will receive a hearing within six (6) months to arbitrate and resolve your claim. On the contrary, litigation often takes several years to resolve and receive payment.
  • No witness needed: A witness is not necessary to prosecute your claim in Arbitration. A skilled attorney armed with strong, organized documentation will alleviate any need of providing a witness.
  • Rebuttal affidavits: Based on recent developing Case law, in order to be competitive in arbitration and litigation, you will need to have a strong rebuttal to an insurer’s defense of lack of medical necessity. Our firm will help you prepare and obtain strong rebuttal affidavits to aid in the prosecution of your case. This gives you an opportunity to rebut defendant’s case without the need of paying for an expert or having your treating healthcare provider testify at trial.
  • Paperless System: If you have Internet and scanning capability, we can drastically cut down on your paperwork. Instead of spending hours photocopying your records, you can simply email your files to us or place your files on a memory stick. The end result is your company saves valuable time, money and man hours.
  • Litigate Other Cases: Should we determine that litigation is the proper forum, we will implement our “Active litigation Policy”, which pushes your case expeditiously, so that means you get paid faster. With most other firms in the No-Fault field, it could be years before you see any money.
  • Free Consultation & Updates on Important Changes in the Law: No-Fault is an evolving, highly litigious area of law. As such, new rules, regulations and laws about processing your claims and getting paid are changing each day. We will work with you to keep you informed and help you retool your intake and billing procedures to help you get paid on your future cases. As such, and if desired, one of our partners will come to your place of business and help train or instruct your employees on how to process your future claims. We will give you important information on the changes in No-Fault that could help you get paid without the need of having your bills denied in the first place. This service is offered for free.
  • Monthly Updates on The Status of Your Cases: Our firm will supply you with monthly reports regarding the status of the files in litigation and payment.
  • Provide Legal Representation For Provider EUO Requests: If you are experiencing problems with certain carriers that are requesting your appearance at an examination under oath and they are refusing payment on your claims until you do, we can help you. We can help respond to any EUO request and should you decide to appear after careful legal consultation, we would represent you at said appearance.
  • Direct Access to Partners and Vital Information When You Need It: We pride ourselves on having an open line of communication with our clients. When a situation arises in the collection of your No-fault bills, you will have complete access to a partner or employee with specific knowledge of your files to get the answers you need promptly.
  • We Are Proficient Trial Lawyers And Litigators: Our firm has tried virtually every type of No-Fault case. Our members are established names in the No-Fault legal community as among the strongest, smartest and fastest firms in this field.

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